hp chromebook 11 wide

“When the HP Chromebook 11 arrived, I was immediately struck by the packaging. There’s a story in it. This box isn’t just for shipping. It also begins a relationship.”

Jordan Shapiro, FORBES.COM

Initial sketches

Initial sketches


“It’s rigid, yet the lack of sharp edges makes it soft on the eyes. A colored ribbon is draped down the middle, announcing your accent color in full volume. Make no mistake, this is the experience that Chromebook owners deserve.”

Craig Tumblison, Medium


Packaged in a beautifully rounded box with simple blue ribbon that hints at the Google partnership, it certainly doesn’t feel cheap. The box alone begs to be fondled.

James Bruce, MakeUseOf



Patent D722870 Packaging Assembly: Inventor

2014 AAF Silicon Valley Addy Award

2014 American Package Design Awards

2014 International Design Excellence Awards

2014 Graphis Design Annual: Gold

2014 Hub Prize